Monday, August 31, 2009

sweet music of the shores.

I am amazed with the idea of life.
one day you fucked up. One day you are in love.
one day you are messed up with love, but as fergie says love bug comes right back to you.
I never fail to stand up when I fall..
but here you came along.

I have been through deepest heart aches when we started...
but now i am glad that we are getting along together.
Thank you for our little sweet-nothings.
Thank you for the random kisses.
It has been along time when I experienced love-making.
And you know why i am so eager to do it again? it is because i feel it.
I feel you.

My hopes are high again.
I love you babe.
I am waiting for the day that both of us are naked and comfortable.
naked with truth.
naked with our own individuality and still communes with warm stares.
I am so glad you are saying that you missed me.
It means you reciprocate.
One day I want you to ride with me on our trip to escapism.
Let us derive the tunes and ideas of our poetry.
Revive the summer heat when two people needs to go out and have fun under the sun.
Let us be kids running along the shores and have a shower of shoveled sand.
go skinny dipping with the saltiness of the sea and tease each other.
and after playing along, we'll get a rest and hug you, for I want you to feel secured.
and as we sleep we will dream of sand castle as it turns into stones that we can fit in and live in.

Baby i guess I derived already my feelings for tonight.
I love you.
and I am patiently waiting that you will say that too. :)

let us dream of tomorrow's offering.

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