Monday, August 24, 2009

can you hold my hands?

It has been...
random thoughts.
random arguments.
random phrases.
random tales.
random smiles.
random burst of emotions.
random failures.
random success.

It feels like I am saturated with the laughter and sadness that everyday covers.
i don't know why i am experiencing this weird feeling.
I don't know if I am loosing my grip.
and sometimes I am wondering why people flip the coin when they already skip the part of their soon-to-be fortune.

I am making my disclaimer statement... IT IS LIFE IN GENERAL.
i want to bathe in the fountain of rejuvenation...
It feels like I am wounded in many fights...
fight for living.
fight for striving.
fight for speaking.
fight for accusations.
fight for being naive.

but I am still fighting. The spirit is still there.
when it will be time for death.
I am blinded.
I don't know where to run.
will I run to you and be accepted?
and who are the YOUS?
you is so collective in nature. It can be you and others.
I feel succumb about my rantings.
When it will be right?
Do I need to fast forward the events?
should I go slow?
I am doubting now.

I am so afraid.

can you hold my hands C?
I am so scared of life.

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