Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kiss me like a little lad.

Hey even with out a word I can tell that you are happy. Genuinely.
and I am hearing this as I extract it from my thoughts unto my head, "your love is like the sun that lights up my whole world... your love is like a river that flows down through my vein, I feel the chill inside. "... I guess that best describes my smile as my fingers type these wonderful words. for I know I feel that. for you of course.

Thank you for the shirt I know it will warm my soul when I'm missing you.
This smile that I wear now will last.. I know it will shatter my physicality for this day.
You made me more happy with the silent thoughts that you left me...
It seems that your grabbing me and telling me that "Alvin stay".
it feels like you need me too. Well maybe I am just assuming the ideology but let me assume and forgive me for that.
Hey I love you. and it was not the same as yesterday for I f eel its greater but tomorrow it'll be better and stronger.

Let me stop my fingers as they tap my devotion for you.

take care of our baby.
grr.. I am missing you now.

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