Thursday, December 16, 2010


They say it is a battle between wants and needs.

Some say it is between being ready and destiny.

We could have save so much time to say things in haste.

In contrary, patience is the sweetest embrace.

We've all been dreaming of a happily ever after but when it tastes bitter, there goes the crumpled letter.

But let's just say we grab, we shake and we roll em'.

Dive in the endless savor of enjoyment, for we will never know until it is meant.

It is a great feeling of not being lonely if you anticipate and he won't do it, for you will still expect it.

I'll be glad if one day we'll see ourselves lying under the sun and your head is into mine while whispering: I have never felt like the excitement of waking up in the morning with your kiss as dreams dismiss.

We all make this make believe.

A person we want to achieve.

bumping in to serendipity,

a gateway to serenity.

We'll soon get there in the bliss just believe and you will conceive.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

manila's harbor: chocolate and latte

I was waiting for someone, something and many came.
Many came and you did.
I remembered myself uttering these words, "I wasn't ready.", but I guess I was fooling myself.
I am ready but no one I like is.
You are or maybe when your about to read this you were.
I waited, yes I waited for you but you did not come.
I closed my eyes and say maybe, just maybe you will come again.
I am not even sure if the talk is or are part of you showing up, but I must say I'll take that as you showing up.
Do you want me to be honest, the words that I usually tell you if i want to tell something, you just made me cry after a long time, months I mean.
I am writing while watching bridges in Madison county. The movie that you want me to watch.
I am typing my words of fool. I miss to be hurt and to finally give in to the words, that I can't tell because it is not yet developed but I wish to say those to you. One day if you insinuate. I was waiting for you to do that and still am as this moment.
I can control my feelings but not for you.
Everything is tangible but it is just like colors.
Riddles are good choice of expression. Metaphors are sly.
Can you tell me why I should stay, stay in the morning, in that morning at the bay. On that Sunday I left my heart, in a cup of cold chocolate and the latte that we were sipping. As my smoke at this time fills the air in this room, it reminded me I am still capable of loving again. If we are not meant to be together at least you taught me one thing it is okay to cry.


I'll wait until I can.
At least I tried, waiting for you at manila's harbor every Sunday morning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am not a korean!

I am going back to manila.. la la la la la
everyone in the airport thought that I am a korean... I tell them in tagalog, "Kuya pinoy ako (sir I am a filipino)"

fedora: greenhills
glasses: straight from korea
undershirt: Zara
cardigan: SM surplus
belt: kuya's closet
shorts: from an old jeans that i cut
bag: from japan
shoes: nike

nature HOP

while having a nature trip from Bacolod...

fedora: streets of manila
glasses: straight from korea
top: people are people
belt: kuya's closet
shorts: from an old jeans that i cut
bag: from japan
shoes: nike

Friday, July 2, 2010

Eyeball the cut

some shoot in my play EYEBALL

longsleeves: streets of manila
vest: stalls in divisoria
camera: holga
pants: my creation
shoes: topman

Monday, June 28, 2010

a father's day shopping.

There it was after eating a lot of chicken, it is shopping time.

glasses: straight from Korea
undershirt: Bench
sweat shirt: comme de garcons shirt
belt: kuya's closet
shorts: my own creation
shoes: people are people

the last days.

I have decided to look in the shiny elevator and thinking if these were all worthy...
probably the end of it.

haircut: T&J
glasses: straight from korea
jacket: billabong
shirt: from market2
bag: artwork

the new beginnings

I woke up and bid goodbye to an old lover, which ends up doing a a new look.
The harem pants.

Shades: streets of manila
shirt: stalls along market market
harem Pants: f&H
shoes: cardams
bag: artwork
necklace: my work

Monday, April 5, 2010

rebuilding my sand castle

When is it the right time to give up to the charity that you always give?
It is hard to see yourself drown with the anchor of eternal damnation.
Do i really like the feeling of being drag by the ship that I let someone to cruise?
Am I really that bad to manage my own car?
Do I really drive well the identity that I used to cross? or is it really " I used to"?
The fact that I see myself flying across thin air and still suffocating myself with the fog that I did not like...
I am in love with the barks of the burning coal and the shackles are on my feet and I can't barely move.
It is hard to be a little boy when you are the one taking care of yourself.
It is time to grow up.
Wipe the tears of yesterday's agony.
Stop dealing with the idea of being tampered as darn irresponsible brat.
I will get up from the lowest of the low... I will be on the peak of the Everest and as perfect as the Mayon.
I will be leaning to myself this time.
Alibis are just alibis.
I will relieve the destiny that I froze for a long time.
One step at a time.
I will rise from this day on...NO one will stop me.
I bid goodbye before as a star and I will go back as a super nova!