Someday in the field.


It feels crazy when you turn to be thinking of happily ever after on some things that are not weighing the PROs and CONs.

I'm sorry for my random thoughts but I don't want to wait centuries for me to be spoiled. For after all, things are meant to be perished. Everything has its shelf life.

I got this line from somewhere "please stop being nice to me unless we are getting married" where is the idea of getting there? Deep inside of you need security. The other part is we're getting to enjoy things but have you ever asked me if I passed the time of enjoying. Can we jus let's keep it going when we are there?

Isn't too hard to get there?

other part is did I ever asked you? But isn't it too obvious that I want it?

I was astonished by this line in an odd way. "People who loves each other they get married". In the other perspective people loving each other calls themselves official.

Let's just say I am used to the idea of the practice of moving towards standing there and and not knowing its tuesday already and thinking its saturday.

Maybe again I'll stay in the corner drinking some margarita or martini's for a change and wait for someone who can say there and say there is a spark again.

How can some people be so dunce sometimes and believe in that he's gonna sleep with you again. What is it about sleeping with someone just for once? Well I did that for a lot of times but not seeing the other person anymore.On the contrary, I am seeing him a lot of times.

I pretend to say that my sex life is fully booked but it's a lie. So what if I want more? well it's a part of a basic need and I am a scorpio, who happens to be the most hu hum, then it froze right just there. Sorry for thge TMI peeps.

What am I talking about again? Insanity yeah. I may have a lot of stupid shit like disecting each of every part of the gestures and prolly some words but I'm closer to that thing a little thing called love? (was that that supposed to be a statement or a question? but I left a question right here.)

Strolling down my room and I just saw a face in the the mirror and look what just I found out. Me? the same old shit. Did I ever do this to the some people? Come to think of it I commit the most crimes because I myself is the biggest culprit that I know. Maybe I just need to flush em' out and think of the right planning. I need to say, like TATA goodbye old me, Since it is a brand new day. New beginnings and it is a Monday.

Maybe it is just another twist of fingers and it just happened to be on my foot, on my right foot to be precised. Thinking that you'll come whoever you are and say "Hey I'm knocking could you just open the door because I've been here for hours" and I'll just say, "could you buy some coffee instead to make you nervous of what you have been doing". I'll make him wait because I have been doing that for quite sometime now and it took a lot of drinking bottles of vodka and beers not just coffee.

When he goes away and come back with my favorite hot chocolate from Seattle's best, I'll cry and kiss him even my mom's crazy enough to check me out and my brother who has been very protective. I will say I don't fucking care I have been waiting for him mom and brah. I'll surely let you meet them specially to my brother who just got married. He'll like you because you will realize that I had a prologue about you that you have been missed even you are not yet existing in my life,or maybe you are, but yeah you've been missed again for I foresaw you in my pillow while sleeping in your chest.


hey YOU save me where ever you are. I'm drowning here.

happy endings can be just another cranky stories but let's write our own til' you come over and propose.