Friday, August 21, 2009

It has been a long day for me...
I am excited to meet the people who revolves upon the system that you have made.
I know I just got three today...
I got Titong (mark)
I got sabina.
I got twinkle.
well you got me of course.
I am knowing you every inch and as i get closer I can't help wonder how I am to you.
as they say i am doing my struts and shit, but i want to ask how I am?
where am I?
well that is not the question for now...
I want to tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of your world.
I asked them how are you being as a friend. they didn't fail me... they said you are a real person...
I had a journey today. i almost toured around manila and you know what, I did enjoy it.
The journey that I had today let me know you and my self of course.
Dude I am very excited to work out my less expensive gift to you.
I am astonished to the fact that I had to try the things that I haven't gone through.
It makes me feel that I am real.
I am excited.
i am deeply finding out my core.
i am digging through the fire that i used to dream for the past 2 light years.
I am getting to fall in love to my self and next to you.
I feel glad that I have found you in the most random way that I can push my self into.
i won't wish you luck, for you make your own path.
I am telling you to make good decisions in life.
If I'm still here, get your phone and dig unto my name and you know what to click unto thy fingers.
well morning will come unto your eyes today. and another year to celebrate that life has given you sunshine and not shadows.
Remember that you should always touch the light and never be afraid to get burned...
for as you get hurt the deeper you learn.
Risk... you are young not to..
well thank you for letting me me realize my journey...
I am not asking you for a return nor to take my efforts against you.
I want you to be the luckiest person living....
for you have this lovely people besides you...
I must admit that every time I know you it makes me get afraid....
for maybe the next day you would say STOP! or GO!
either ways I am afraid.... but as I lay my foot steps unto your door and how many times I knock I would.
I am not the perfect guy, I may not have the perfect attitude but I must say I am a perfect subject who can adopt change.
I already made up my mind upon the story of looking... for I saw you already... if God would let me unto you... I'll try my best to keep you... I LOVE YOU (and on my second attempt to say this here) no words to tell next...

I am happy this day... I am hoping you will like my surprise.
I am not looking for a fancy gift to give you instead I look unto you...
going back to the grounds where you should start and where to boost your wings to soar as you flap your soul unto the amidst of walking the pavements of life.

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