Monday, June 28, 2010

a father's day shopping.

There it was after eating a lot of chicken, it is shopping time.

glasses: straight from Korea
undershirt: Bench
sweat shirt: comme de garcons shirt
belt: kuya's closet
shorts: my own creation
shoes: people are people

the last days.

I have decided to look in the shiny elevator and thinking if these were all worthy...
probably the end of it.

haircut: T&J
glasses: straight from korea
jacket: billabong
shirt: from market2
bag: artwork

the new beginnings

I woke up and bid goodbye to an old lover, which ends up doing a a new look.
The harem pants.

Shades: streets of manila
shirt: stalls along market market
harem Pants: f&H
shoes: cardams
bag: artwork
necklace: my work