Monday, August 17, 2009

Realization in a jeepney ride.

I saw that...
Love patiently waits.
Love does not need label.
Love does not need places.
Love does not know gender.
Love does not know collision.
Love does not know time.
Love does not know weariness.

I am on my way home with my good friend Allan and I saw two friends of mine.
It has been a year til' I saw them together again.
Smile light up my face.
then I suddenly have this thought... Crap! It has been along time since they have been like that.
It struck up on me... they are not telling (or I am so yesterday with the news) what are they now, their status or grr... there is no way to say this, are they together... i don't play gossip girl upon my blog but I realized Love does not label...
I took LRT as my mode of transportation going home this night and I've been with them... It was nice to see them again... their sweet nothings, the body language and especially the route of my friend going to her girl's place... I suddenly realize that love does not know weariness for my friend looks so tired she even slept on our jeepney ride going to our city... and you know what... I guess the other girl reciprocates with her efforts... I think she already gave in with her whispers in the cold air this night. I suddenly realize Love does not know gender...
and as we bid our goodbyes, for we rode a different tricycle, i have this thought... Love does not know time, for even how late she'll go home, she will still pursue and express her love... and as she expresses her devotion to this girl, she proves that love does not know places....

Well as I stepped in the door of our home... I asked rather realizing that Does Love dont know collision? I am happy today because of you... but, see there is still buts... but I should thank you for my two friends... you inspired me to pursue love... as I say to this person... "tell me when to stop, but I still want to see you the next day, the next day of the next days, the days of the next weeks, the days of the next months... til' you stay STOP!".

I must say I am in love...
hope you can read this. but I won't tell you how to.

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