Monday, September 14, 2009

As i turned your cheek red with the rabbit on my hat

I am a boy who loves to pull up some rabbit on my hat...
the next day I will get some flowers on your ear.
I love seeing your face astonished.
baby I am so glad that I surprised you again with my presence.
I can still see the picturesque upon my head that your face turned up to red.
It is enough to say that you appreciate my time and efforts.
I love you as much as my little magic.
As I lay my hands at your shoulders, I know we will make a good home.
A home that is full of romance and butterflies.
A touch of lavender and vanilla will be perfect.
A place that we can call OURS.
get ready with my last surprise for it will be ours soon.
I am patiently waiting as we step our feet to a new dimension of our progress.
I am waiting til' you say the 3 letter word that corresponds to the three words can syllabicate in to 3.
As the sun rises unto our eyes today, I promise to make you smile.

I love it when you try to beat my surprises to you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The boat ride crash course.

I am so excited to wake up in the afternoon to be on our date.
The date would be in...
Place: Escolta station of the Pasig river's ferry boat.
time: around 5:30 and so.
I am hoping to bring doughnuts for us. since we have time constraints and I woke up late. I bought polvoron, for I remembered you like that.
so there I saw the boat under the bridge and I feel the sudden rush for I know in any minute the boat will go on with its destinations. I went to the counter and bought tickets for us. The lady guard says the boat will be leaving in 3 minutes. So I called you up to make a sudden rush on you so can hurry up. So there, we got in and waited for ten minutes just to get in.
The rain and the storm would not match up with our day babe.

I enjoyed the whole ride with you on my arms and later I pushed you outside to see how beautiful the undiscovered Manila is.
Then as we go down to my hometown, which is Makati, we go on with the pavements of my childhood til' I become now.

The idea of the whole plot is for you to see where I grew and the people around me. To let you know I grew up in a humble residences, simple life and somehow filthy.
Well I love the filthy life.
And of course I want you to know who I am.

baby I know we had a crash course awhile ago, but lemme' tour you around on the day time to see how wonderful my childhood was.
I also want you to taste the delicacies of my favorite restaurant.
Let's eat pansit and pizza next time. :)
I love you babe. I am so thankful that you enjoyed your night being with me.

Next Saturday babe.
Let's eat at buddy's.