Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Say It And Show It.

I want to start by saying happy anniversary my love...
It has been 5 years since I have not said that.
It was a wonderful journey being with you for One year of being officially together... but I cherished most is the first four months of being with you unofficially and officially...

Yes... I miss you even if I am always with you.

I miss that time when you said, "kinikilig ako".
I miss that time when you said, "bakit kaylangan pa ng 3 months, e mahal mo naman ako, pero sige rule mo yan eh (magaantay ako)".
I miss the times you greet me "happy monthsary, nakalimutan mo no? (with a smile)"
I miss the way you say "pagod ka ba sir sir gusto mo bang puntahan kita and samin ka na lang matulog?"
I miss your text that says "good morning, Kumain ka na ba? wag mong kakalimutang kumain ha" and "Gumising ka na. Wag kang magpapalate ha."

I also miss...

...the way you kiss me and passionately showing your intimacy towards your body language and you feel like releasing the romance and hug me after with out any inhibitions.

...the way you listen to me and react on what I say. You know that I always listen to your thoughts and point of view regarding on the said topic that I just bring out. being out spoken of your future plans with me and thus making it somehow concrete by setting and giving some examples.

...and lastly updating me every time any time with long text messages and some "XD".

I am not complaining but I just wonder sometimes why not AGAIN...
Why not utter and show that YOU again?
I sometimes wonder...
do I look bad already?
Am I not that cute anymore?
Am I not passionate from before?
Am I showing something/s you don't like and thus I deserve this?
Am I not loveable anymore?
...Or maybe you are just busy.

It has been great being in love with you and I hope you know that.
I am on my knees to have someone like you before and never expected you were just there. You were my answered prayer. I never expected to be with someone I already know for the past 6 years of being 'just' friends with you.
I am really happy you found me and heard me crying that time when I needed someone.
You saved me and eventually catching me when I fell for you.
I love you... salamat at walang katapusang salamat.


I hold my tears last night...and now while writing this.
Sorry for disappointing you in the car.
I feel ashamed.
Anyhoo happy anniversary my love we turned a year and looking forward to share more snap shots with you... cheers for many years to come. :')

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