Monday, October 10, 2011

6 and beyond.

I am back.
This time I want to share how worthy is the word patience when it comes to love.
It started with two individuals who doesn't give a damn.
A few years later fate just gave them a WHAM!
It was blessing in disguise as they say.
But this time it ain't child's play.

You know where did I come from.
You know how crazy can I become.
You know when did I become gruesome.
But You don't know yet that I don't give my heart with 'just' some.

Everyday is a sunny day.
Everyday I look forward for Saturday.
Everyday I make your heart stay.
Stay... just like everyday.

I won't make this long.
You know where my heart belong.
You make me believe that time is, was and will never be wrong.
Just make me remember, on the third of the month we celebrate how we are so strong. :)

Can you imagine six months? I never Imagined you'll step close to this.
I'm kidding.

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