Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Enough.

Screaming turns into silence.

silence turns to bleeding.

When ringing turns to smoking.

Full turns to empty ...

from empty turns to full.

I would want to start what happened for the past three months... but that's not how it starts.

My thoughts baffled my fingers.

I have to say...

Breaking up is different when you grow up... grown up.

Responsibility over tears.

Moving on should be as fast as how you spend your dime.

That's how I define my time.

You have to walk an never look back but you can close your eyes

The smiles



I don't have to question if it is fair.

Sometimes I have to leave the asking and let it heal without the answers.

P.S. (my longest one)

And to you... I don't have to tell you the stories... my side of the story.

I should have blame you how hard I try to make it burn.

I got tired of filling the cup with my own blood.

Credits, the part when people thinks the curtain of the movie house closes.

My favorite part...

It's when I try to tell you something.

If you said you had focus you should have seen that...

I'm not crying nor bleeding.

I losing...


For now I have to find it again holding my left hand.

Wish me luck 'sir'.

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