Sunday, June 12, 2011


I came to cross the land from the other side.
Seems like the clouds stops and stares at me...and somehow reminding me to STOP.
It froze.
I left the other side of me and as I fly, he is patiently waiting...
Until I conquer what's with the pouring rain.
There were a lot of drama, blood that I dropped and it feels like I need to PAUSE.
It wasn't the dreamland that I have been thinking of as of now, I am flying to the motion of the propeller.
I needed to clear the issues for and to my self.
I love you for now and I will expect that when I get back.
I wish to see how we laugh again and to see victorious over my fears.


As for now I will rest from my pillow and wishing my head resides yours when the day blinks,
then say PLAY


As I reiterate the fair, you always save this lad as you flap your wings in the air and the speeding bullets are no match from your flair.

I feel like we are not in the same blood line, for you are a demigod and I just work on my filthy nod.

I have never Imagined your strength . The distance maybe miles away but the radiation makes me sway.

I maybe caught dumb-founded with your perfect love and trust that I will never put it in to rust.

.... HE gave me a bump to my head and told me "Son do not be a fool not to realize how swift his heart, how his heart would be as tough as a steel and how warm it is."

As I pray from above, he sent you like a dove.
He never gave me a message instead a passage to give you freedom as you please but if you ask me, honestly, I don't want to let thy release.

As per the people:

"Heroes have to save the day"... and I am not that lame to make you stay.

Soar high...HIGHER.


I will wait for the month of May where all heroes chooses a place to lay...
From then I will wait for that day.


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