Wednesday, November 24, 2010

manila's harbor: chocolate and latte

I was waiting for someone, something and many came.
Many came and you did.
I remembered myself uttering these words, "I wasn't ready.", but I guess I was fooling myself.
I am ready but no one I like is.
You are or maybe when your about to read this you were.
I waited, yes I waited for you but you did not come.
I closed my eyes and say maybe, just maybe you will come again.
I am not even sure if the talk is or are part of you showing up, but I must say I'll take that as you showing up.
Do you want me to be honest, the words that I usually tell you if i want to tell something, you just made me cry after a long time, months I mean.
I am writing while watching bridges in Madison county. The movie that you want me to watch.
I am typing my words of fool. I miss to be hurt and to finally give in to the words, that I can't tell because it is not yet developed but I wish to say those to you. One day if you insinuate. I was waiting for you to do that and still am as this moment.
I can control my feelings but not for you.
Everything is tangible but it is just like colors.
Riddles are good choice of expression. Metaphors are sly.
Can you tell me why I should stay, stay in the morning, in that morning at the bay. On that Sunday I left my heart, in a cup of cold chocolate and the latte that we were sipping. As my smoke at this time fills the air in this room, it reminded me I am still capable of loving again. If we are not meant to be together at least you taught me one thing it is okay to cry.


I'll wait until I can.
At least I tried, waiting for you at manila's harbor every Sunday morning.

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