Thursday, December 16, 2010


They say it is a battle between wants and needs.

Some say it is between being ready and destiny.

We could have save so much time to say things in haste.

In contrary, patience is the sweetest embrace.

We've all been dreaming of a happily ever after but when it tastes bitter, there goes the crumpled letter.

But let's just say we grab, we shake and we roll em'.

Dive in the endless savor of enjoyment, for we will never know until it is meant.

It is a great feeling of not being lonely if you anticipate and he won't do it, for you will still expect it.

I'll be glad if one day we'll see ourselves lying under the sun and your head is into mine while whispering: I have never felt like the excitement of waking up in the morning with your kiss as dreams dismiss.

We all make this make believe.

A person we want to achieve.

bumping in to serendipity,

a gateway to serenity.

We'll soon get there in the bliss just believe and you will conceive.

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