Monday, April 5, 2010

rebuilding my sand castle

When is it the right time to give up to the charity that you always give?
It is hard to see yourself drown with the anchor of eternal damnation.
Do i really like the feeling of being drag by the ship that I let someone to cruise?
Am I really that bad to manage my own car?
Do I really drive well the identity that I used to cross? or is it really " I used to"?
The fact that I see myself flying across thin air and still suffocating myself with the fog that I did not like...
I am in love with the barks of the burning coal and the shackles are on my feet and I can't barely move.
It is hard to be a little boy when you are the one taking care of yourself.
It is time to grow up.
Wipe the tears of yesterday's agony.
Stop dealing with the idea of being tampered as darn irresponsible brat.
I will get up from the lowest of the low... I will be on the peak of the Everest and as perfect as the Mayon.
I will be leaning to myself this time.
Alibis are just alibis.
I will relieve the destiny that I froze for a long time.
One step at a time.
I will rise from this day on...NO one will stop me.
I bid goodbye before as a star and I will go back as a super nova!

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