Friday, October 2, 2009

hands down to let them play again

I have the thoughts of going out and spread my hands to needy.
but where should I start?
where are they?
I pity the people who insinuate the barbaric act of putting Filipinos into a catastrophe.
Do they have the thoughts of thinking twice?
Taunting is there only way to help us being submerged in deep water?
Is it another game they want?
Well I'll tell you one thing... just don't let the incident happen to you...

My country men are in rage of calamity.
And as my soft heart for kids are being crushed when i look at their faces of being harassed of by the foreign water outside their window.
Unfortunately, some of them did not survive.

If they only knew how my country men, who has been outraged, start their day.
Where was the portable water that they need? where was the dainty food that they usually enjoy? where was the shelter that they rest their weary body?

I want to take a glimpse of the after-the-rain effect...
I want to see my country men value the art of dancing among the ideology of hugging the earth and its wonderful elements. Relive by it. For after all, it is not too late.
There is more time.
I want to steal the good future and bring it now.
But before that, let us pray for the souls of the victims of the recent flood.

I am proud of you Babe for lending your helping hand to the needy. :D

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