Monday, September 14, 2009

As i turned your cheek red with the rabbit on my hat

I am a boy who loves to pull up some rabbit on my hat...
the next day I will get some flowers on your ear.
I love seeing your face astonished.
baby I am so glad that I surprised you again with my presence.
I can still see the picturesque upon my head that your face turned up to red.
It is enough to say that you appreciate my time and efforts.
I love you as much as my little magic.
As I lay my hands at your shoulders, I know we will make a good home.
A home that is full of romance and butterflies.
A touch of lavender and vanilla will be perfect.
A place that we can call OURS.
get ready with my last surprise for it will be ours soon.
I am patiently waiting as we step our feet to a new dimension of our progress.
I am waiting til' you say the 3 letter word that corresponds to the three words can syllabicate in to 3.
As the sun rises unto our eyes today, I promise to make you smile.

I love it when you try to beat my surprises to you.

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