Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wipe your tears

There comes a time that a little boy no more becomes a kid again.
It pains to say that I have been dumb founded by being so kind and not seeing the other side of it.
They say keep it low but sometimes I want to burst the feeling of sarcasm, anger and pain. All I did was shivering to the side. vented out but it seems to be as shallow as it gets.
Sometimes I wonder, is being good means bad to other people?
I sometimes regret what I did, but I think I did the right thing.

I love my job and it pays me well. I feel like crying but it is unnecessary to do so.
Then comes taps on your shoulder saying, Alvin is a lovable boy.
It made me smile that time. What made me more smile is "Let's eat after work, tell it to me". I smiled and realized, it pays to be good. It gives you more blessings.

I wish to the universe that all the pain that I have right now will be at ease.
All the sufferings will be lifted.
It will be at peace.
As you see the glimpse, the other side is a smiling nymph.
As she prays for you and you pray together it will be a bliss.

Thank you even if you can't or don't read this.
Patience is your virtue.
and for readers I'll keep you updated from now on :)

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