Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cooking WITH love

How do you know if that is a great start?
Do you believe in everything that you do has a meaning?
Does the things that Midas touched before is made out of really beautiful?
Is that made out of love?
I have this random tweet from one of my followers and he said that "you always cook when you're in love"
Which reminds me, I always cook when I am inspired. Isn't it nice?
Is it because of you?
You answered some of the questions that I used to find but does that lead me to the another boggle game again?
I am used walking towards the next page but will this differ?
If he has the courage to pull me back would that matter?
Have I made up my mind yet?
Did I already set the time to 10:10 already?
Am I ready to be glanced again?
am I part of the eBay refurbished commodity this time?
Will I admit that I am bruised?
will I be sold?
Will I able to accept the patches that will be on my crown?
Am I really bound to have this all the time?
Do I always end up with a frown?
Is it always a temporary high?
which makes me think, when will that stable fly?

One thing permanent to me now is to rest my questions,
for they always say "let the problem problems the problem".


You taught me a good lesson and like them it always stays here, you will stay here, it will be safe here and you will be safe here *pointing on my mind and touching my heart

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